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    It is a cuisine very healthy because it is rich in various meats and seafood.


    Black beans, derivatives corn and a variety exotic tropical fruits.


    Professionals will serve you while you enjoy an amazing experience for your palate.


    Booking by phone or Web. We serve tourist groups or special events.


    Our facilities include all the comforts to live their delicious experience


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Pete Cherches

I also had my first vatapá, a traditional Afro-Brazilian dish from Bahia. The restaurant was Emporium Brasil, on W. 46th Street, a/k/a Little Brazil. There are a number of Brazilian restaurants on the block between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, but Emporium Brasil seems to have the best reputation. Vatapá is a very rich dish, described on the menu as: A Puree of Bread Crumbs & Smoked Shrimp, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts, Flavored with Coconut Milk & Palm Oil. The day I ordered this dish was within my window of opportunity: the day after my annual physical, but before I would get my cholesterol test results.

Melena Ryzick

Diners who think of Brazilian fare as a never-ending parade of beef and more beef are doing themselves a disservice. There’s a whole spectrum of food beyond the all-the-meat-you-can-eat rodizios that populate the city, and Little Brazil Street is the place to find it. Once a market and coffee shop, Emporium Brasil has a minimal atmosphere. The tiled dining room, with midgrade lighting and grey and orange walls, could be any restaurant, anywhere….

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