December 12, 2016
Emporium Brasil

Manhattan's Best for Dining and Time Travel written by: jay hornbrook

When it comes to excellent choices for dining in Manhattan the area boasts an offering that easily rivals any other city in the world. There are countless restaurants in NY with every cuisine imaginable. For those who are searching “Brazilian food near me” there is one very special place listed on West 46th that offers more than a meal – it serves as a passage back through time providing a rare glimpse back to an era when pride and tradition were served as the main course on every table. Emporium Brasil may appear from a distance to be just another excellent choice for a reasonably priced meal while passing by but for those who dare to enter the doorway it is nothing short of an experience that will never be forgotten.

The Future is Anchored in the Past

No great artist or athlete suddenly wakes up one morning and climbs out of bed as the best in the world. Greatness comes from dedication to practice, drive to become better than all of the rest and the willingness to listen and learn from the wisdom of those recognized as the finest in their field. Chefs are not an exception to the norm and good cooks learn the skills from practice through time. Great chefs, however, learn how to interpret the sentiments which pour from the masters who understand that cooking is an expression driven from deep inside the soul and shared with those who dine upon that which is lovingly shared.

Nothing is more inspirational than the special bond between a father and his daughter. For Samira Soares, Head Chef at Emporium Brasil, the fact that her Pai was a restaurateur in the state of Minas Gerais provided her two kitchens to learn family Brazilian recipes that can only be created from ingredients native to the region. It is with fond memories and decades of family tradition that guides Samira as she prepares the most exceptional and unique dishes the NY area has ever experienced. Combining authentic ingredients with unparalleled dedication to preserving generations of culinary excellence, Samira creates good will to accompany her good steaks, good stews and throws in a pinch of her own unique good energy which has resulted in her being featured four times in the book “Best Chefs of New York.”

“Great experience all around” Great steak and sides (and dessert!), very attentive wait staff and atmosphere was very nice but comfortable. Had a traditional Brazilian cocktail.

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That‘s What We‘re Talking About!

For those familiar to Brazilian cuisine appetizers featuring sausage, chicken or shrimp masterfully fried in a lemon garlic sauce may be accustomed to the familiar flavor of authenticity. Other popularly recognized items like savory pastries featuring fried croquettes of chicken, beef, shrimp or cod are delicately brought to life before the eyes while special house salads and exquisite picanha steak fills the air with a glorious aroma that can never be duplicated. The Camarão na Maranga startle the taste buds with a unique blend of superbly seasoned shrimp nestled within an acorn squash. Chicken, seafood and beef entrees leave newcomers speechless with their unique blends of herbs and spices while those who are able to form phrases seem to collectively use the same refrain “now that’s what we’re talking about” to describe the huge variety of choices from the menu. With beans and rice to please and pasta and risotto to “die for” there are no restaurants nearby anything like the Emporium unless you happen to be Rio.

Variety is the Spice of Life

The best part about the travel back in time and the completely authentic experience that occurs at Emporium Brasil is the variety of patrons which wander through the doorway. As with many culturally specific cuisines those who are familiar with the best taste of Brazil in the NY area know where to frequent for meals prepared exactly like they have been for many generations. One of the most rewarding experiences for the friendliest staff in Manhattan is getting a chance to see the delight on the faces of the many who have never tried genuinely prepared Brazilian cuisine. Many people comment that they have “eaten Brazilian food before” but it is “nothing at all like this” which adds to the overall magic in air. With nothing but the finest natural selected Brazilian ingredients used in the kitchen and the fact that Samira is serving up family secret recipes which have been around for many years the flavors and even the way the food is presented is unique unless of course one happens to be near Sao Paulo. It is like turning the corner near midtown Manhattan and stepping into a restaurant nearly 5,000 miles away.

“Authentic Brazilian” Amazing food, service, and staff in a terrific nyc location! Would definitely go back ….truly authentic Brazilian experience in every sense!

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Special Days and Activities

During the week the Emporium Brasil has many traditions which they share with their customers who have continued to regularly patronize the restaurant over time, and the staff is constantly adding new ideas which help share the culture and tradition behind the Brazilian food. Unlike most restaurants in NY the atmosphere at the Emporium Brasil is completely void of “the hustle and bustle” which wears upon the souls of the many who live and breathe it each day. People who enter the Emporium become part of the family and they share the air and the experience with all who cherish a love for life and a deep appreciation for great dining. The reasonably priced menu is a bonus for those traveling or celebrating good times together on any budget and there are no strangers because all are welcome with a hospitality rarely seen today. Reservations as far ahead as possible are recommended due to the popularity and the Saturday buffet is practically celebrated as a citywide event.

Three Most Common Words

Restaurants in NY are normally different because of, let’s face it; the city is a very different place than any other in the world. People who come to the Emporium Brasil the first time usually come in with an open mind but a preconception of what to expect in Brazilian food. After dining at restaurants nearby or even other states across the country or various countries in the world, they are not prepared for what they are about to experience. Many of the expletives of satisfaction are common to New Yorkers and range based on the client, however, over time the most common three word phrase which seems to come with a smile after swallowing a few bites at the Emporium is “forget about it.” Emporium Brasil is proud to be recognized as a part of the city and for any other experience like it, we officially respond with a “forget about it” right back at our loyal fans.