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The best Picanha in NY

When it comes to selecting steak options while dining in NY, there are far too many world class choices to create a shortlist. Many of the world’s top chefs and restaurants feature various cuts of steak prepared in unique ways as a part of their signature offerings. Picanha steak is easily considered one of the most delicious of all beef selections in NY. Picanha, is a Portuguese word pronounced in English as “pee-con-ya” by native speakers but more commonly pronounced in Brazil with a silent “n.” Picanha meat is a rich Brazilian tradition, considered a part of the Churrasco(grilling) experience and its popularity there has it recognized as the country’s top choice for “flavor for steak” above all others. Cooking is traditionally done by grilling on skewers or placing the meat over flames via a large stick.

Picanha is not nearly as familiar in many parts of the world and most areas of the US and is, without question, considered by those in the know as one of the best-kept secrets in kitchens across the country. As far as NY is concerned the palette-conscious carnivorous-craving “cat” is already “out of the bag” when it comes to Picanha meat. Where to locate the source of the best Picanha recipe in the city could be considered the only mystery and may well have the same answer as those searching the rest of the globe. To appreciate the finest flavor of Picanha, a little bit of history never hurts. For those too hungry to do the homework, one bite is all it takes to prove to the taste-buds how royally satisfying this “king of Brazilian steak flavors” can be.

Where Does Picanha Come From:

In order to unlock virtually all mysteries in the world, it is often best to try and trace the end result back to the source. When it comes to Picanha meat, the “source theory” is doubly true. Identifying the origin of the name has a few variations but most lead back to the actual location of the beef and how it is prepared. One school of thought comes from those who explain that Argentinian gauchos referred to the long pole used to cook the meat and thus the derivation of the name.

Another potential answer comes from the steak being loosely translated as the “place where the brand” is burned into the “top of the butt” on cattle, which is located precisely in the area from which the meat is sliced. Even an idea that the pronunciation of name for the branding tool itself might have inspired the term is accepted as an explanation. Regardless of the historical origin, it is easiest to identify the location on the cow where it remains rich with flavor after a traditional preparation.

“Authentic Brazilian” Amazing food, service, and staff in a terrific nyc location! Would definitely go back ….truly authentic Brazilian experience in every sense!

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Asking All the Right Picanha Questions:

For many US butchers asking them for Picanha meat will result in either a strange, puzzled look or the retort of possible options of “rump cap,” “tri-tip” or “top sirloin cap.” In other words, for a proper cut of Picanha meat, a butcher familiar with South American cuts is probably going to be the safest bet because both the bone and tenderloin are important to flavor the meat while cooking. The cut from which the Picanha meat is sliced was for many years considered as a source in South America by which to measure the nutritional health of properly fed beef cattle.

The minimum standard for the thickness of the fat layer separating the desired cuts was to be at least one full centimeter thick. The triangular cut is not trimmed of the thick layer of fat which is vital to adding the perfect flavor during proper preparation. For the perfect cut, a knowledgeable butcher schooled in the art of South American and most specifically Brazilian traditions of meat preferences is ideal.


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“Great experience all around” Great steak and sides (and dessert!), very attentive wait staff and atmosphere was very nice but comfortable. Had a traditional Brazilian cocktail.

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Precious Preparation of Picanha Meat:

Traditional Brazilian meats are not very heavily spiced and rely on the natural juices being preserved during cooking. Family recipes may vary with ingredients such as jalapeno peppers, lime juice, and secret native Brazilian recipes passed down through the years. The key to great flavor and juiciness is to prevent the meat from becoming punctured in too many places in order to seal in the natural juices. Grilling may be done with or without the big skewer.(most commonly seen with) Rock salt is generously applied to the Picanha meat prior to cooking and at least 20 minutes for the meat to set out at room temperature prior to grilling is best in order to ensure maximum juices.

Grilling times vary based on the thickness and size of the cuts, temperature, and grilling source. After cooking the slabs of meat are removed and allowed to rest One of the best parts about Picanha, which lends itself best to Charrisco style meats is the meat can be sliced as needed. Almost every preference can easily be accommodated by simply slicing rare or more cooked portions. Preserving the juices in the meat is also best served by only slicing portions as needed to serve those dining together.

Please ask for suggestions based on your carry out and catering
as some dishes travel better than others.

The Place Which Has Everything:

As advertised NY has the biggest, best and brightest of virtually all products and services. Dining is certainly no exception to the rule. For those visitors or long-time residents, the multi-cultural offering of cuisines is considered among the widest variety in any city of the world. Finding great Picanha steak is most often just a formality of finding a restaurant which serves it. Brazilian cuisine does not necessarily lend itself to the most upscale and exclusive locations in order to track down top quality dining. Surprisingly the cut for Picanha is relatively considered to be one of the lesser expensive in the steak family.

Brazilian cooking as a whole is a more “family enriched tradition” as far as special recipes and techniques which separate a dish between great and perfect. It may only be a slight variance of ingredients but a better choice in cuts or more experience in grilling which brings out those bonus points for Picanha meat. For anyone who enjoys beef and especially for those steak lovers, Picanha steak is an absolute must try.

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